14"X4" Heartland Fixed Head Black Bodhran Non-Tunable T-bar Deep Tuned

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14"X4" Heartland Black Bodhran Non-Tunable T-bar Deep Tuned

Muzikkon Bodhrans are well crafted and there’s no compromise on quality. Best materials are used available in today’s market at very competitive prices.Muzikkon offer a wide selection of Irish Traditional Bodhrans. Each of Muzikkon’s bodhrans has been hand made from quality wood and goat skin which provide the best tone for both amateur and professional musicians

• Fixed head/ Non-Tunable Bodhran, solid and well-made body
• 14" Wide and 4" Deep Rim
• Designed with quality goat skin head.
• Taped Finish for best deep bass, mellow, resonating tone
• Rim made of Mulberry wood with Black finish.
• Perfect choice for students, professionals and stage players at an affordable price.
• Comes with a Tipper
• High quality padded Gig bag can be purchased separately

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