16"x6" Heartland Bodhran Rosewood Tunable T-Bar Deep Tune

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16"x6" Heartland Bodhran Rosewood Tunable T-Bar Deep Tune

Muzikkon offers the best selection of Bodhrans in many different categories. Our instruments are manufactured with the finest materials available at great prices keeping the player's need in mind.

16"x6" Heartland Bodhran Rosewood Intune T-Bar- Be with Muzikkon if you live in Ireland or abroad and pure music lover. Especially if you are interested in folk,Traditional and World music then come and order for our Bodhrans. It is an Inside Tuneable bodhran, Head made of Goat Skin, Taped and Rim made of Rosewood with natural finish. Our instruments are manufactured with the best materials available at very good prices keeping player's need in mind.You will cherish your deal with Muzikkon and will recommend it to others. Our products have been available and imported in to Ireland for over 40 years and are getting more popular as the years go by. All our bodhrans comes with a tipper and Allen Key.

• Intune/Tunable Irish Bodhran, solid and well-made rosewood body
• 16" Wide and 6" Deep Rim
• Taped Finish for best deep bass, mellow, resonating tone
• Designed with quality goat skin head
• Rim made of Rosewood with Natural finish.
• High quality 8 tuning bolts have been used
• Perfect blend to be a perfect Bodhran for a player
• Comes with a Tipper and Tuning key
• High quality padded Gig bag can be purchased separately

Packed Weight: 5 lbs.
Ship Weight: 5.1 lbs.
Ship Length: 17 Inches
Ship Height: 17 Inches
Ship Width: 4 Inches

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