27 String Trinity Harp Beech wood

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Our Trinity Range of Harps pays homage to the traditional Celtic harp with a beautiful floral engraving on the soundbox

• A brand new and high-quality harp

• 27 hard nylon strings from Dupont

• 27 sharpening levers

• Solid beech wood body

• Spruce wood soundboard

• Engraved Frame with beautiful Celtic design

• Stainless steel hardware

• Note range of this harp is from E5 - C1.

• Lowest Note (Bass Note): 5th Oct E, (A below Mid C)

• Highest Note (Thinnest top): 1st Oct C

• 4 Octaves

• Detachable Legs

• Tuning key, extra string set and a padded gig bag are included with this harp

Comes with 3 Year Muzikkon warranty and 30 days money back Guarantee
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