Non Tunable Bodhrans


Non Tunable Bodhrans:

Not only is the Bodhran one of the most famous Drums in Ireland and rest of the world, but it also is one of the easiest ones for new learners offering in-hand playing style at the same time. Muzikkon offers high quality Non Tunable Bodhrans that don’t have to be tuned at all and will offer uniform full of bass and punch music whenever is required of them. Muzikkon also offers a wide range of Non Tunable Bodhrans in all sizes and diameters. Our 10” Pretuned Bodhrans are perfect to be played in a concert because of their lightweight and compact profile that makes them perfect to be played while having them lifted with one hand. Our sizes included all measurements from the 10” diameter to the 18” inch diameter ones as the 18” Non Tunable Bodhrans are perfect for advanced learners or true experts providing a really punchy sound and long lasting durable materials.

Muzikkon uses high quality goat or cow skin for our Non Tunable Bodhrans that are treated well with chemicals and various processes making them last long and provide punchy beats. These percussion instruments also have very high quality frame materials and are also called Frame Drums by some experts. We also provide these with easy grip inside mounted wooden stripes that make these a charm to hold for longer durations of time and much efficient to be held in one hand and played using the other. Get matching beaters for these or use your own, Muzikkon’s perfect quality Bodhrans will not let you down with their long lasting ability or super high quality sound generation at all.

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