Frame Drums / Shaman Drum

Frame Drums / Shaman Drum

Frame Drums / Shaman Drum for Sale

Frame Drums are made to let your love for the music and passion to grow at another level. You can finally make a decision to buy best quality Irish Frame Drums with a wooden customary circular shape and the membrane that is beaten with handers or drum beaters. Here if you have a look at the back side of our Frame / Shaman Drums for Sale, you will find them having a hollow back. At the same time Muzikkon has a collection of drums where you can find a single adjustable wooden rod fixed. Other ones will carry double rods to make a triangle or square shape. Definitely it serves the purpose and will delight to add in your musical instrument gallery anywhere in Ireland or other places.

Muzikkon present just the best quality Irish Shaman Drums that are easy to play and ever easier to learn for new learners. Our smaller Frame Drum 10 Inch Pretuned Red Cedar Black Strap is a perfect option to start learning this innovative instrument for small children with its lightweight and compact profile. The larger Frame Drum 22 Inch Intune Mulberry Green Strap is a perfect pro-choice. We have all sizes in between including 12 inch, 14 inch, 16 inch as well as the 18 inch Irish Frame Drums.

Muzikkon has a Dublin based store as well that you can visit from any part of Ireland anytime. You will always get highest material quality with the thin membrane that is made from processed goat skin or other mentioned animal skins. These skins are taken from farm animals with no involvement of unrequired animal skinning. We also ship all over the UK and Europe. Our Shipments will be on route the same day or very next day of receiving the order. Our Irish Frame or Shaman Drum for Sale will reach you with a 30 days return policy for all Ireland based and Non Irish customers as well.

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