Muzikkon Afghani Rubab Half Sadafi Mulberry

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Muzikkon Afghani Rubab Half Sadafi Mulberry

The Rubab is in the lute family. Traditionally it is carved out of a single piece of mulberry wood. The neck and upper body are hollow and covered with a thin piece of wood. The lower body, the resonating chamber, is covered with goat skin. The three main playing strings are usually tuned a fourth apart. The strings are tuned, low to high, C#, F# and B. In addition, there are 12 to 16 sympathetic strings, which are tuned for the raga one is playing. It has three tied-on frets near the top of the neck the rest of the fingerboard is fretless.

  • Half Sadafi ( Half Fingerboard Decorated with inlay )
  • Carvings on the back
  • Body Made of Mulberry
  • Shoundboard made of goatskin
  • 6 main strings & 13 sympathetic
  • Movable bridge
  • 3 fixed corded frets
  • 36 to 38” Long

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