Muzikkon Double Strung 10/9 Hammered Dulcimer Rosewood With Hammers

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• 10/9 Hammered Dulcimer

• 10 Courses of Strings on left bridge

• 9 Courses of strings on right bridge

• 2 strings on each course

• Dimensions: 32" L x 3.75" H x 12" W

• Rosewood body

• Rosewood Bridge

• Color Coded Saddles on bridge for making it easier to play.

• Opening in the back for carrying

• Soundboard made from birchwood.

• 1x sound holes with rosewood rossettes

• 38 Steel threaded tuning pins

• Comes with Dulcimer hammer, Tuning tool and Extra strings set For the recommended tuning, the distance from the left nut to 1st bridge at top should be 6.9" (157 mm) and the distance from the left nut to 1st bridge at bottom should be 9.7" (248 mm).

Comes with 3 Year Muzikkon warranty and 30 days money back Guarantee

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Packed Weight: 23 lbs.
Ship Weight: 38 lbs.
Ship Length: 37 Inches
Ship Height: 12 Inches
Ship Width: 19 Inches

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