Muzikkon Dulcimer Hammers Rosewood Hearts Leather Padded - Pair

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This pair of heart shaped wooden dulcimer hammers are made from two tone woods. There are leather pads on one side. The approximate length is 8 1/2".

Please note: Color of pads may vary

Dulcimer Hammers - Hearts Leather Padded Pair

The Hammer Dulcimer is known for its melodious, haunting tones that are produced by hammering the strings. This perfect combination of stringed and percussive music is achieved with Dulcimer Hammers. Muzikkon provides high-quality Dulcimer Hammers in Rosewood with Leather Pads on one side. This pair of heart shaped wooden dulcimer hammers are made from two tonewoods. The approximate length is 8 1/2".

Real Natural Wood Providing Original Dulcimer Music

When playing your beautiful Muzikkon Dulcimer, it’s all about the quality of the hammers that produce its customary majestic sound. Muzikkon Dulcimer Leather padded Hammers in Rosewood are just what you need to master your instrument and make it sound like it should. Our pair of Rosewood Dulcimer Hammers are made from rosewood and make them perfectly applicable for all hammered dulcimers. With a soft leather padding, their beating side works like a dream. Our Dulcimer Hammers are custom-made to suit both new learners and pro players.

Affordable Dulcimer Hammers for All Music Lovers

Muzikkon have made all our musical instruments and accessories very affordable for all. Whether you are a new learner or a pro, we will provide affordable Dulcimer Hammers. Our pair of padded Dulcimer Hammers are made from authentic materials. Operating from our Dublin store, you can get your Dulcimer Hammers shipped to your doorstep anywhere as we offer worldwide shipping service. Visit us in Dublin and try any instrument and accessory before you buy.

Packed Weight: .4 lbs.
Ship Weight: .4 lbs.
Ship Length: 15 Inches
Ship Height: 2 Inches
Ship Width: 2 Inches

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