Muzikkon McHugh Harp 27 String Rosewood Round Back

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Muzikkon McHugh Harp 27 String Rosewood Round Back

McHugh Harps are a new collection of affordable harps developed in Ireland with the student in the forefront of the design process. We hope to encourage a new generation of harpist/harper, as well as enhance the options for harpist by providing an affordable start to get students on their way. The McHugh range of Celtic Harps uses the strongest and most durable of hardwoods for the frame, beautiful rich tone woods for the soundboard, medium gauged strings and accurate levers which allow for warm, well-rounded playing tones from each of our harps. We pride ourselves as one of the most affordable Lever Harps for sale in Ireland. Our collection includes an array of sizes and shapes to cater for each individual taste.

  • 27 New Quick release High-Quality levers
  • 27 hard nylon strings from DuPont
  • The Strings are colored according to the notes for easy play
  • Solid Rosewood body
  • Solid Spruce soundboard
  • Round Back sound box
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Height: with legs 46" (116.84 cm), without legs 39” (99.06 cm)
  • Note range: 5th Oct B to 1st Oct G
  • Chromatic scale: B2-G6
  • 4 Octaves
  • Detachable Legs
  • Tuning key, extra string set, and a padded gig bag included with this harp

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