Muzikkon Renaissance Lute Deluxe, 8 Course Maple

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Muzikkon Renaissance Lute Deluxe, 8 Course Maple

The lute enjoyed a revival with the development of interest in historical music around 1900 and throughout the century. During the early days of music movement, several lutes were built by available luthiers, whose area of expertise was often classical guitars. We at Muzikkon have seen a recent global revival in instruments such as the Renaissance lutes. The Heartland Renaissance Lute is manufactured with best quality tone woods and top quality strings. The Instrument comes with a custom made padded Muzikkon Case.

  • Right hand, 8 Course Renaissance Lute Deluxe
  • Body made of 25 solid Maple staves
  • Solid European Spruce soundboard with laser engraved rosette
  • Neck and pegbox is made from solid maple
  • Fingerboard and tuning pegs made from ebony wood
  • End pin made of cocus wood
  • 8 gut frets and 4 lace wood frets
  • Scale length: 600mm
  • Best quality 4 nylon wound strings and 11 rectified nylon strings
  • Suggested tuning from high to low: G4, D4, D4, A3, A3, F3, F3, C4, C3, G3, G2, F3, F2, D3, D2 (can vary depending on player preference)
  • Incl: Padded Muzikkon Case and Extra String set

Item Weight: 2.3 lbs.
Item Weight with Case: 6 lbs.
Item Length: 29.5 Inches
Item Height: 6.25 Inches
Item Width: 12.5 Inches


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  • Worldwide customers delivery in 5-9 working days

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