Muzikkon Theorbo Bass Lute Medium Left Handed Variegated Walnut and Lacewood

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The theorbo is a plucked string instrument of the lute family, with an extended neck and a second pegbox. Like a lute, a theorbo has a curved-back sound box with a wooden top, typically with a sound hole, and a neck extending out from the soundbox.

Theorbos were developed during the late sixteenth century in Italy, inspired by the demand for extended bass range instruments for use in the then-newly developed musical style of opera.

The Muzikkon Theorbo are manufactured with best quality tone woods and top-quality strings. The Instrument comes with a custom made padded Muzikkon Case and String set

• Theorbo Bass Lute small 6/8
• Lefthanded with 6 fingered courses and 8 diapasons.
• Body is made from 13 solid Walnut and Lacewood staves.
• Soundboard is made from European spruce
• Laser engraved rosette on Soundboard.
• Neck and pegbox are made from solid Lacewood.
• Fingerboard is made from Walnut and Pegs are made from Solid Stain Wood
• End pin is made from stain wood.
• Short string length of 660mm and long string length of 1040mm.
• 8 nylon frets and 4 walnut wood frets.
• Best quality 2 nylon wound strings and 17 rectified nylon strings are used
• A padded nylon case and Extra string set included

Recommended Tuning :

Comes with 3 Year Muzikkon warranty and 30 days money back Guarantee
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