Camac Harps


Camac Harp for Sale Ireland:

Muzikkon brings you high quality Camac Harps that take inspiration from the traditional Celtic way of making harps look and sound magnificent. We design these harps with the true heart and soul of a musician enabling them to deliver rhythmic melodious music and look elegant at the same time. These professional grade Camac Harps are made from top quality wood and string materials that provide their soundboards the ability to transmit finest sounds and the non-metal (usually Nylon, Telenn or Fluorocarbon) strings complete their majestic sounds separating them from the metallic stringed ones.

This high string number Harps are best for advanced learners who know the tricks of this trade and are quite fluent with harp playing routines. Get the Camac Hermine Lever Harp, 34 Alliance Carbon Strings in Walnut or go with the Camac Melusine 38 Nylon Strings in Black ebony wood. Muzikkon has a wide range of these beautiful and majestic harps, check out our special Camac Concert Melusine Harp 38 Nylon Strings in Maple for a unique beautiful and elegant look and feel.

All our harps are made with high attention to detail and will provide some of the best music and sounds in the industry while looking adorable and dreamy at the same time. The wood polish, string entry holes, top curved arm string holders or the overall finish of our Camac Harps with their functional and balancing stands, are all majestic in their own rights.

Match these professional grade Harps from Muzikkon with bags, strings and Turning Keys to provide yourself a great learning experience. Take these to your music class or enjoy their majestic sounds in a large hall, the superior quality non-metallic authentic music these Camac harps with provide will always be majestic.

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