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Renaissance Lute for Sale

The Renaissance Lute is a stringed instrument consisting of deep round back, between 6 – 8 course’s and approximately 15 strings, it is commonplace in folk music and early music.

The Muzikkon Renaissance Lute is made from a selection of woods for the body including ebony, maple, walnut and a solid spruce top. Muzikkon use a special aquila nylgut strings for tone and warmth. The standard tuning for a 8-course tenor Renaissance lute consists of (D′D) (F′F) (G′G) (Cc) (FF) (AA) (dd) (g), however there are a variety of way to tune your lute dependant on musical preference.

The decoration and scrollwork on the ends of lute bridges are integral to the renaissance lute. Our Muzikkon Renaissance Lute produces a bright and melodious tones and is a fantastic instrument for anyone interested in early music or the renaissance repertoire. This Lute is available with a padded travel case and an additional string set.

Renaissance lute is also a very famous musical instrument you will find in the history of music. Most of the famous musicians have created a remarkable history by playing it across the world. It looks like kind of a guitar with an oval shape at its back which provides the smooth front surface of the instrument. Muzzikon the leading name of musical instrument seller in Dublin also offer the best prices along with Renaissance lute for sale offer for their valued clients. At our premises, you can easily get selected your desired musical instrument and you can also start or move forward your musical carrier by getting your favorite instrument respectively. Muzzikon also offers a wide range of other musical instruments at cost effective prices. We also offer you the assurance of quality of these instruments and you will surely feel amazing by using them in the concert respectively. Come first to feel the real difference and get the exceptional instruments at your first preference.

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