Oud Instrument for Sale

The Oud is an ancient string instrument, steeped in history and culture. Originating in the Middle East there are many variations of this instrument depending on the country, which the instrument is being played. Included in our collection you can find the Arabic Oud For Sale, the Electric Oud For Sale and the Turkish Oud For Sale

The OUD is composed of 11 to 13 strings grouped in 5 to 6 courses. Similar in ways to a lute but with an unfretted neck. The classic pear-shaped design and bowl body give these instruments their unique sound and look. Not only suited to traditional middle eastern music but also ideal for folk music or the more classical side.

Our Muzikkon Ouds are made from durable natural woods and the best sounding strings available. Our Oud Instrument collection is based on authentic Turkish and Arabic styles. Completed with beautiful designs and subtle curves associated with this beautiful instrument, not only do they look the part they also sound fantastic.

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