Premium Easy Tune Bodhrans

Premium Easy Tune Bodhrans
The Bodhran is without a doubt one of the pioneer music instruments in Irish music history. Adding that premium feel to this beautiful and efficient music instrument, the Premium Bodhran by Muzikkon is the perfect choice for young learners guaranteeing a luxury feel and outstanding music output at the same time.
Muzikkon offers a wide range of Premium Bodhran drums in different sizes and solid material choices. Our 13” Premium Bodhrans are perfect for younger learners and we have the option for advanced 14” Premium Bodhrans, 15” Premium Bodhrans and also the professional grade full size 16” Premium Bodhrans. Using quality materials for frames and also genuine processed skin that is beaten with Bodhran Beaters or by naked hands, our range of premium drums look and feel great as well as sound outstanding improving the learning curve of learners.
Why settle for anything less than perfect? Muzikkon offers high end premium materials and punchy music output that is also matched with their premium look and feel. Get your young one the smaller sized Bodhran or pic the full sized one for yourself, you will not feel anything cheap or misplaced with our exquisite range of music instruments. Muzikkon is the name of trust in Ireland and most of Europe, we have been serving these markets for quite a long time and are known for the high quality true music hearted instruments that can be taken, played or enjoyed anywhere. Take these fancy Premium Bodhrans to your school or play them at a family of friend’s gathering, you and your listeners will enjoy the premium beats these have to offer for a very long time.
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