Heartland Arabic Oud Deluxe, 12 Strings Wenge

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Heartland Arabic Oud Deluxe, 12 Strings Wenge

The Oud is the main instrument of Arabic and Turkish music and is popular throughout the Middle East and Europe. This is six-course oud with a classic teardrop shape and bowl bottom.

• Six course Oud with classic teardrop shape and bowl bottom
• Scale Length 615 mm ( 61.5 cm )
• 12 Strings ( 8 wound nylon strings and 4 rectified nylon strings )
• Body made of Wenge wood
• Top made of Cedarwood and has a very natural look with variations of wood tone
• The neck and pegbox made of Wenge wood
• Finger Board made of wenge wood
• Tuning pegs made of Ebony.
• 3 round sound holes with beautiful goatskin rosettes
• Width of the upper nut approx. 4 cm
• Lower width approx. 34.5 cm
• Body length approx. 51.5 cm
• Total length approx. 84 cm
• Height incl. bridge approx. 22 cm
• Incl. gigbag & extra string set
• There are multiple tuning options for the instrument, but we recommend using the Arabic method: DGADGC

Packed Weight: 12 lbs.
Ship Weight: 41 lbs.
Ship Length: 37 Inches
Ship Height: 13 Inches
Ship Width: 19 Inches

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