Heartland Trail Dulcimer Banjo, 4 String Lacewood

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Heartland Trail Dulcimer Banjo, 4 String Lacewood

Our Heartland Dulcimer Banjo/ Strumstick Dulcimer is compact, lightweight, and easy to play. The ideal instrument for someone looking for something with a sweet folk tone and something that is approachable for any player.

A banjo dulcimer is actually an Appalachian dulcimer which is modified with the addition of a vibrational membrane to the main body of the instrument. A change like that affects the tone as well as the volume of the instrument, and it operates at the active principle of the traditional banjo. Though banjo is a separate distinctive guitar like string based instrument. With a round base as membrane and the four to five strings attached plays a vital part all around. Just here at Muzikkon you can find a great collection that will define your music sensibilities and artistic skills.

  • Body made of solid Lacewood
  • Solid European Spruce soundboard with laser cut Sound Hole
  • Neck made of Mahogany
  • Best Quality 4:1 Banjo Style Tuners
  • Finger Board is made of Walnut
  • Bridge is made of Walnut
  • Many tunings will work
  • Recommended tuning DADD
  • Scale length: 648mm
  • It has four string courses which are loop end strings: a wound string at the top, an unwound centre string, and two unwound strings tuned in unison, at the bottom
  • The frets are arranged in a diatonic scale, just like an Appalachian mountain dulcimer, but added is the infamous "6 1/2" fret just below the octave position allowing play in Ionian mode
  • It Includes High Quality Padded Traveling bag and Extra String Set

Item Weight: .65 lbs.
Item Length: 25.75 Inches
Item Height: 4.13 Inches
Item Width: 2 Inches


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