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Lute Guitar, 6 String Rosewood

Lute guitars are instruments of same scale length as regular classical guitar and can be played like one but with a body/bowl made like a lute. It is a six stringed instrument like classical guitar. Lute guitar is also know as German lute. These instruments were common in Germany since 1850’s. There were many variants made for instance 11 stringed but 6 stringed variant was the most common one which we bring you.
Our Lute guitars are made by our luthiers with latest techniques which make them affordable and keeping the historical points about them same.

  • Solid spruce sounboard with 4 layer deep, parchment style rosette
  • Soundboard bracing pattern follows kohno classical guitar
  • Neck made of Rosewood with similar shape to classical guitar
  • Nut of bone is 51mm (2 inch) wide
  • Headstock's top has beautiful women's head carved on the top
  • Standard nylon guitar strings used, tuned same like a guitar (E4, B3, G3, D3, A2, E2)
  • Can be used for lute music, just tune the 3rd string semi-tone lower to F# which enables lute fingering
  • Smooth gold finished tuners with black ebony look tuning key buttons
  • It includes Muzikkon padded traveling Case & extra set of strings

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