Muzikkon Lyre Harp 8 String Rosewood

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Muzikkon presents 8 string Lyre Harp. It has a solid rosewood body that lends itself to the soft gentle curves of this eight string lyre. There are eight metal strings which provide classical sound, and it is provoked by the solid lacewood soundboard. It is as beautiful as an ornament that you can hang it up as a piece of art while not in use. Here are accessories that are included : Harp Tuning Tool, Gig Bag and Extra string set.

• The solid Rosewood body
• Lacewood sound board with 2 Openings
• 8 metal strings
• Rosewood Bridge
• Includes Nylon carrying bag , Extra set of strings and Tuning tool

• An authentic tuning derived from Judaic worship music, starting with the bass (largest strings) tune as follows: E F G# A B C D E (Ahava Raba mode)
• Misheberakh mode which is ( E F# G A# B C# D E )
• E F# G A B C D E (Natural minor) and D E F# G A B C D (E is tonic) . Notice, in the second tuning, all the notes are the same but you're starting on D rather than E Try before you buy!!

Comes with 3 Year Muzikkon warranty and 30 days money back Guarantee
Try before you buy!!
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Packed Weight: 4 lbs.
Ship Weight: 4 lbs.
Ship Length: 17 Inches
Ship Height: 11 Inches
Ship Width: 4 Inches

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• Uk and Northern Ireland, Delivery in 2 working days
• Rest of Europe delivery in 2-4 working days
• Worldwide customers delivery in 5-9 working days.

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