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Telenn Harps for Sale

The Telenn harp is comparable with the Hermine, for those who prefer gut strings. Its small size (34 strings) and affordable price make it an ideal starter or travelling instrument. Like the Korrigan and Hermine, it is available either on flat feet or higher legs, according to your preference.

In response to feedback from teachers and partners, the Camac Telenn Harp has recently been redesigned. It has a new soundboard, new curve of the neck, new string lengths, and a new tension. Now strung with light gut, the tension is softer and the pull is lighter, ideal both for child students, and for the folk harpist.

Beautiful Handcrafted Telenn Harps Available in the UK and Ireland

Muzikkon now offers high-quality Telenn harps in UK and Ireland for every requirement. Our handcrafted Telenn harps are made from top-quality materials and finished to perfection in design and music output. Get your hands on artistic harps to enjoy their authentic music any time anywhere. Our commitment to high-quality materials and skilled craftsmanship enable our Telenn harps to provide the best instrument for your learning and playing pleasure. We offer beautiful harps for sale in UK and Ireland that are made locally from authentic woods and other materials. You will be able to enjoy elegant authentic harp music at affordable prices. Order your Telenn harp today and have it delivered to your doorstep. We deliver anywhere in UK, Ireland and Europe. Call us now or place your orders here on our store to find out more.

Top Quality Materials for Authentic Telenn Harp Music

Making the perfect Telenn harp is all about selecting the right materials. Muzikkon now offers a wide range of custom British woods for our finest quality music instruments. Select from maple, mahogany, cherry, walnut or ebony black woods that all have their own characteristic features and slightly variable music output. Also, the Camac Telenn lever harp is available with 34 gut strings that are of the finest quality going through top manufacturing processes. Select the right harp for your playing pleasure to enjoy its elegant aesthetic and music any time.

  • Ireland’s most recognized Telenn harp manufacturers offering premium products
  • High-attention-to-detail harps available at attractive prices and offers
  • Authentic British woods to make your harps look and sound best at all times
  • Buy premium harps from skilled manufacturers and recognized craftsman
  • Handcrafted Telenn harps available in UK, Ireland and Europe with doorstep delivery
  • Fast and safe delivery making your instrument available when you need where you need

Get Your Telenn Harps in UK and Ireland Delivered to Your Doorstep

Muzikkon has physical presence in Dublin, Ireland. We also offer music enthusiasts an online store where they can purchase finest quality music instruments. Get your Telenn harps in UK, Ireland and Europe delivered right to your doorstep any day. Order your favourite Telenn harps with safe doorstep delivery service for any location in our service regions. We have a safe delivery system that guarantees clean perfect shipping for your instruments any time. So, if you are a new harp learner or a seasoned harpist, we can provide the perfect instrument for your requirement. Place your orders here on our store today and plan shipping for your preferred day and time.

Variety of Woods and Finishes to Choose From

At Muzikkon, we provide premium music instruments for every preference. Get amazing Telenn harps for sale in UK, Ireland and Europe that are made from high-quality woods and other materials. Select your favourite colour, finish and wood type to get a harp that suits your playing preference. All wood types have their own customary music outputs as well.

  • Beautiful Maple wood Telenn harp with 34 gut strings
  • Attractive mahogany wood Telenn harp with 34 gut strings
  • Elegant cherry wood Telenn harp with 34 gut strings
  • Beautiful walnut wood Telenn harp with 34 gut strings
  • Elegant ebony black wood Telenn harp with 34 gut strings
  • Camac Telenn lever harps available in rich detail

Custom Telenn Harps Available at Affordable Prices

We offer our clients some of the best custom Telenn harps for sale in UK and Ireland. Get custom finishes with 34 gut string harps that are made to provide the best music. Our custom handmade harps look attractive and provide elegant music output. You will be able to play these for yourself or for any audience including friends, family members or any other. Treat yourself to the best Telenn harps in Ireland and UK and master the instrument in all its glory. Our commitment to high-quality materials and our skilled craftsmen make your harps the best value for money instruments. We offer affordable Telenn harps at cheap prices. We also have some attractive price discounts going for these kinds of harps at different times of the year. Order your cheap Telenn harp any time.

We Quality Check Every Telenn Harp Before Shipping

Muzikkon is a trusted manufacturer and supplier of high-quality music instruments. We have a strong presence in the Irish music instrument industry. Our team of experts’ quality checks every instrument before it gets shipped out to the customer. You will always get high attention to detail Telenn harps for sale in UK and Ireland. We finish all our instruments in the best designs that are able to provide elegant music output. Play the harp solo or in a group to enjoy its so elegant music any time. We also provide three years warranty with each of our instruments including the beautiful Telenn harp in UK. Order today and you will not have any quality complaints at all.

Why Choose Us?

  • Visit our store in Dublin, Ireland to see just how good our craftsmen are at their art
  • We provide authentic Telenn harps for sale in UK and Ireland exceeding our client’s expectation
  • We offer Telenn harps made from authentic British woods and all other high-quality materials
  • Our harps are known around the UK to provide authentic music output for every player
  • Get affordable Telenn harps for sale in UK and Ireland with doorstep delivery available

We provide 3-year warranty with all instruments including our high-quality Telenn harps

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